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How does it work?

Jellyfish, Sea Lice & Fire Coral - danger in the waters!

A sunscreen for the entire family that blocks harmful UV rays AND guards against the painful sting of jellyfish, sea lice and fire coral?

Every year, millions of people head to the beaches to create lasting family memories of warm sunshine, rolling waves and sand castles. Instead, many come home with the memory of a painful sting!
In fact, over 150 million people worldwide are exposed to jellyfish, sea lice and other marine stingers every year. When stung, symptoms can range from mild irritation and discomfort to extreme pain and severe rash. And in the most extreme cases, even nearly instant death! It's this fear of being stung that prevents many people from enjoying the thrill of the ocean.

Not anymore!

Introducing Safe Sea® - the world's only patented, proven sunscreen lotion designed to prevent these painful stings.

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To be fair, jellyfish are remarkable, beautiful creatures. Unchanged by the passage of time, jellyfish lack muscles, bones and the ability to hear or see like other ocean predators. However, their complex stinging mechanism and long, flowing tentacles easily set them apart as one of the most unique...and deadly. And while they generally don't go out of their way to attack humans, jellyfish are poor swimmers and often collide with unsuspecting victims due to their inability to move quickly out of the way.

Safe Sea® prevents painful stings by chemically deactivating the stinging mechanisms of jellyfish, fire coral, sea lice, and other stingers!

Jellyfish tentacles and other stinging marine organisms contain hundreds of thousands of stinging capsules (cells) which are activated by physical contact with prey (and unlucky humans). These cells contain shafts and tubules that inject poison into the skin causing pain, redness, and rash.

Graphic illustration of the jellyfish stinging process:

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Stimulation by the human skin initiates the discharge process.

High pressure of over 200 atmospheres is built up inside the stinging capsule.

The shaft drills a hole in the skin with 40,000xg of acceleration.

A tubule follows the shaft and injects poison into the skin.

How does Safe Sea® stop the sting?

Clownfish Defense
  • Too slippery: Safe Sea® has a waterproof, slippery texture that makes it difficult for the stinging tentacles to attach to the skin.

  • Taking a tip from our friend the Clown Fish: Safe Sea® absorbs secretions from the skin that would otherwise tell the jellyfish that it's in contact with prey or predator.

  • Disrupt communication: Chemical stoppers in Safe Sea® block the chemical pathways where the stinging process is activated.

  • Disarm: A stinging cell is a dense "capsule" containing a long folded needle. Pressure builds in this capsule just prior to stinging. As the pressure builds, the capsule is forced open and the needle shoots out like a harpoon, injecting its target with toxin at a force equivalent to a bullet being fired from a gun. This all happens in a fraction of a second; jellyfish stings are among the most rapid mechanical events in all of cellular biology. Safe Sea® reduces the pressure in stinging cells so that they cannot fire - effectively disarming them.

Why is it important to have so many stoppers? Over 2000 stings will penetrate one square millimeter of human skin (or a million per square inch) during contact with a stinging tentacle. Each inhibitor in Safe Sea® does its part to reduce the total number of stinging cell penetrations to a level where there is no noticeable pain or inflammation.

Tested, proven results!

Clinical Trial Results

Safe Sea® lotion has been clinically tested in multiple FDA-approved hospitals under the supervision of expert dermatologists. During testing, jellyfish were brought in contact with the bare skin of volunteers. Each volunteer touched a jellyfish with Safe Sea®-protected skin and with unprotected skin, which served as a control for the intensity of the stinging. In all of the volunteers tested, the skin protected by Safe Sea® was almost always free of any noticeable pain or irritation, while the unprotected skin developed pain, irritation, and inflammatory rash.

Safe Sea® lotion has undergone independent 3rd party double-blind field testing. According to the 'Journal of Travel Medicine' (Volume 13, Issue 3, 2006, 166–171), Safe Sea® lotion was tested in the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico and in the Carribean and demonstrated a "greater than 80% reduction in jellyfish stings under real-world conditions".

What do our customers say?

  • "Safe Sea rocks!!! We used it last year and none of us got stung! Hence the reason for the larger order this year! Thanks so much!!!" - Irene, FL
  • "I wish we'd had it years ago when our daughter invariably was stung during our sailing vacations in the Caribbean. She is delighted that we found you!" - Andrea, OK
  • "Purchased Safe Sea for the first time. Was hoping to not need it, but after a storm in Ocean City, the next day the ocean was full of small jellyfish. I applied your product to my children and myself. No stings the entire day! Great product!" - Michael, DE
  • "Our 6 year old daughter seems to be the only one in our family that is affected by sea lice. We went to the beach this Wednesday and I forgot to bring the Safe Sea Lotion. She is a mess with sea lice stings! I feel awful for her and am kicking myself for forgetting the lotion. I am totally convinced that your lotion works. Thank goodness for your product because if we didn't have it we would not be going to the beach again." - Ellen, CA
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